New PhD projects for 2020/2021: 

Growing on the edge: The genomic basis of coastal adaptation in eyebright (Euphrasia). For more details of this BBSRC EASTBIO project please see here.

Ecological genomics of the British Flora, co-supervised with Peter Hollingsworth (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh). For more details on this NERC e4 project please see here.

I'd also welcome individuals interested in applying with their own project ideas.


General opportunities

I'm always keen to hear from anyone interested in studying the evolution and ecology of plants. The next round of applications will be in the autumn/winter--please contact me any time from late summer to discuss an application. Students not eligible for UK research council funding, or interested in proposing their own projects, should contact me directly rather than applying for advertised positions (Alex.Twyford [at] ed.ac.uk) to discuss project ideas and funding possibilities. Research themes could include, but are not limited to: (1) the evolution of novel life history strategies (particularly plant parasitism), (2) population genetics and phylogeography of British native plants, (3) genomic analyses of the widespread North American plant Mimulus guttatus, (4) speciation histories of diverse tropical genera. Projects typically include a mixture of fieldwork, experimental studies and genetics/genomics. Students are encouraged to send their CV and brief summary of research interests to start the application process in motion. I'd welcome students from the UK and abroad, and will offer advice on the best funding stategy.

Undergraduate opportunities include lab or field-based summer projects (funded by the Genetics Society, deadline 31st March. Please apply early), undergraduate honours projects, and casual lab work.

I will be offering a number of MSc student projects (including for those studying on the Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis programme, and the Diploma in the Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants), including the analysis of population genomic data in Mimulus.

I'd be very happy to hear from individuals interested in postdoctoral research, and will provide guidance on funding applications. One option is to apply for Marie-Curie Actions fellowships, another is to be a named post-doc on a NERC standard research grant (deadlines in January and July). There are a number of other schemes, depending on your research interests, nationality and career stage; please contact me for details.


Example PhD projects I've advertised in the past, are:

Ecological consequences of plant parasitism in Euphrasia (offered through EASTBIO).

The importance of genome duplication in the origin of novel plant diversity (offered through EASTBIO).

Genetic variation at range margins in monkeyflowers (offered through NERC e3, please contact for details).